Summarizing Paraphrasing

Summarizing and paraphrasing are different, yet similar ways of presenting information, and both of these are extremely important in writing all kinds of documents. All writers must summarize and paraphrase at various points in the writing in order to present research analysis and the ideas of others in the field. We handle both of these for you when you come to with the expert writers we have on our team that have knowledge and experience in a wide variety of disciplines.

The difference between summarizing and paraphrasing

The techniques used in summarizing and paraphrasing will easily demonstrate the difference between the two. It will also show you when you can use summarizing vs paraphrasing to get your points across. Summarizing vs paraphrasing and quoting are also different ways of presenting information. However, with quoting you have to write the exact words from the reference in quotation marks. When you summarize and paraphrase you write these words in an original manner by rephrasing and rewording.

Summarizing vs Paraphrasing

When you summarize a piece of writing you look for the main idea. Then you pick out the points that support this main idea. While your jot notes may be the exact words from the text, you write them in your own words in paragraph format.
You use the same technique when you paraphrase but in a different manner. When you paraphrase you are simply rewriting the words of another in your own way. It is important to retain the main idea that the author presented.
You can say that summarizing, paraphrasing and retelling all have something in common for writing purposes.

Length of summarizing and paraphrasing

A summary is usually a short glimpse of the writing of another. It is a condensed version and can be of a long text. Paraphrasing on the other hand is generally reserved for shorter pieces of writing in which you present the ideas of another in the same format. It should not be longer than the original text. You must use the same information as the original – just write it in your own words. Any unusual terms should be highlighted in quotation marks. Let us take care of your summarizing paraphrasing problems for you.

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