About Our Paraphrasing and Summarizing Services

How Much Are You Forgetting Every Day Without Paraphrasing and Summarizing Services?

It’s an unfortunate fact—most of us forget the vast majority of things that we read. We can’t even remember names, places, and years, much less the text of important documents. That’s why writing was invented in the fist place—to put things down on paper so that we didn’t have to try and hold them in our brains.

But sometimes you need to know that important test. If you’re taking an exam or working with intelligent, high-powered colleagues, you NEED to have that information at your fingertips, but it keeps slipping away! How can you keep these things nearby?

Paraphrase and Summary as Aides to the Memory

Luckily there is a way to aid the brain in retaining information!

Condensing large, complicated ideas into smaller, denser packages is one of the best ways to learn and retain more in a short period of time. Paraphrasing, summarizing both work to do this by reducing large, complicated ideas into compact mental “bullet points.” A paraphrase summary is much easier to hold in your mind than the entire idea, and often once you remember that much you can use your reasoning abilities to extrapolate the rest of the information.

Paraphrasing vs Summarizing: The Differences

Paraphrasing, of course, it merely taking an existing idea and expressing it a different way. This can be useful if the current way an idea is phrased doesn’t stick, but in most cases you will need to summarize as well. Summarizing is the art of condensing an idea into a smaller format without losing anything essential in the process. This is often trickier and more difficult.

We’re masters of both, and we can help you today!

We both paraphrase and summarize for you, saving you time and effort that you can devote to other things. Let us divide and condense your stream of incoming information into bite-size chunks that are easy to memorize and will stay with you no matter what! Contact us for Paraphrasing and Summarizing Services today!

Still hesitant? Check our brief comparison of summarizing vs paraphrasing!