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Example of a Paraphrase

Paraphrasing is something that people encounter relatively often, but just as often don’t do correctly, or don’t produce the quality that they potentially could. It’s all too common for people to do sloppy paraphrasing and pay the consequences for it later on, but it’s also easy to remedy that. The key is to understanding that paraphrasing isn’t just replacing a few words, but restructuring the entire content. Most people look at it as the former, as a rewrite, rather than something that has to be written originally, but with the meaning from another passage. Our professional non plagiarism generator is here to provide you with the example of a paraphrase that you need to know how to get it right!

Professional Paraphrases Example

Original: The crisis that the NFL is facing today is simply a result of its ignorance towards issues of domestic violence and assault, and its inability to register just how angry the public could be about it, and what measures they would have to take to get it under control. It’s undeniable that responsibility falls to the commissioner Roger Goodell. Whatever kind of incompetence or cover up there was, the buck stops there.

Paraphrased: The NFL’s denial of the importance of domestic violence issues, and with how strongly they underestimated the public’s capacity for anger on this issue, especially with Roger Goodell, now finds itself in a difficult time. The person who is facing the most vitriol from the public, and who has earned it as well, is Roger Goodell. It’s uncertain if the cause was simply making a mistake or covering up something worse, but Goodell could be facing a long road ahead.

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Now there’s no need to do a poor job, and there’s no need to spend too long doing it, if you simply follow the process of ascertaining the meaning of the original passage, and then writing an original passage with the important points and meaning of that passage, then you can paraphrase quickly and efficiently. You can get our best sample paraphrase or sample essay summary any time you want.

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