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Example of Paraphrasing

Example of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a task that is commonly employed by both professional and student alike, but people often don’t go about it the proper way. The most common way for people to paraphrase is simply for people to replace certain words with something from the Thesaurus, but the fact is that this has very little utility, and isn’t a conducive mindset for productive paraphrasing. A successful paraphrase will not only communicate the same meaning as the original, but it will do so in a way that is as concise and direct as the original, if not more so. To get the best paraphrase you not only need to know what the original author meant, but how you can communicate it in a way that doesn’t rob its veracity, and that still says everything important. This is where an example of paraphrasing or examples of summarizing can be helpful.

Professional Examples of Paraphrase

Original: The current economic trends indicate that while the numerical values that determine the strength of the economy are solid, that the peripheral numbers show that this improvement is in fact not being felt by the proper people. In other words, the economic recovery is a recovery only for certain people, often the same people that trashed the economy in the first place. The high revenue of certain corporations, along with the employment of people in minimum wage jobs, indicate that this recovery may not be permanent.

Paraphrased: Economic analysis by experts show that the surface numbers of the economy are deceptive in indicating who’s really benefiting. That the recovery is benefiting only a few, the same people that were responsible for its downfall, and that rates of employment in low paying jobs and the revenues of large conglomerates indicate the ephemeral nature of this recovery.

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