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Examples of Summarizing

Examples of Summarizing

You might wonder why someone would need summarizing and paraphrasing examples, after all isn’t summarizing as simple as simplifying the major points of an argument or content down to something concise and understandable, but the fact is people too often go about summarizing the entirely wrong way. It’s not just about condensing content, it’s about finding the most important points, and it’s about communicating it in a way that is more direct and clear than the original author, or at least equal in these respects. It takes not just skill in writing, but in reading and comprehension, because after all you have to have a clear understanding of the content if you want to effectively summarize it. With the help of our professionally written examples of summarize, there’s no reason you can’t be successful!

Professional Samples of Summaries

Original: The success of the new Lions offense can mostly be attributed to the coaches decision to get rid of the set offense, and instead work out of the shotgun, with quarterback Matt Stafford focusing on the drop off options rather than the deeper ones. This has resulted in a spread out defense, and ultimately to lots of room for the receivers and running back options that he does have. The key to his future success is that he is able to get rid of the ball quickly, not make mistakes, and not get sacked.

Summary: The coach’s decision to move to a shotgun offense has greatly helped Matt Stafford develop by providing him with more options to throw to, and allowing his receivers and running backs more space so that he can find them.

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