16 Oct

Guidelines on ×How to Summarize Bbook

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Prior to summarizing a book, it is important that you read thoroughly as for you to effectively cover all crucial information. There are many ways on how to summarize a book but it is essential that you offer your readers the same concepts without the lengthy explanations. When summarizing a book, make sure that you are able to provide all the necessary details from its theme, setting, characters and basically your overall understanding on what the book is all about. Always ensure that when summarizing, you should never directly copy passages and text but paraphrase it effectively.

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One of the most important tips on how to summarize a book or for instance tips on content paraphrasing would be to choose carefully the words that you will use. Words have impact and in order for you to influence and inform your readers, you should be able to make use the right words that will allow them to easily understand your summary. Keep it as brief as possible but do not leave out important details that will help you establish the proficiency of your summary.

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