Paraphrasing and Summarizing Nonfiction

Summarizing Informational Text, The Easy Way

Nonfiction text has a well-deserved reputation for being dry, dense, and difficult to read.  For students used to more entertaining narratives or fiction works, the long series of complicated nonfiction readings can be a long, dreary chore.  Many professions and fields of study require incredible amounts of text to be consumed at a time, and expect mastery without providing the tools to achieve it.  Summarizing text is the answer to this problem—how else can it be broken down into comprehensive, sensible pieces?

Sometimes summarizing fiction is a necessity as well.  Many older works of fiction can be incomprehensible to younger readers—the formalities and conventions of another time do not translate well to the modern sensibility.  Summarizing text can be a great solution that offers comprehension without taking too much time; summarizing a text online is even better because it can be done from anywhere.  Paraphrasing text so that anyone can understand it is an invaluable skill!

Summarizing Nonfiction For You, From Anywhere

If you have too much on your plate right now, consider our nonfiction summarizing service.  We’ve been paraphrasing text for years, and we know exactly how much detail to give and how much to condense.  All of our editors are professionals, and many of them have worked on summarizing informational texts similar or even identical to the ones you’ve been assigned.  You can be sure of a great product that will save you enormous time and energy without costing you in comprehension at all.

And this service is available from anywhere!  Anywhere with an internet connection, at least.  Whether you’re at the library or in Guatemala, summarizing nonfiction text is something we can do for you.

Summarizing Text Made Easy

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