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Paraphrasing Samples

Paraphrasing Samples

Paraphrasing might at first sound like a very straightforward and simple task, take something and reword it, but the fact of the matter is it can be much more challenging and time consuming than people often recognize. That’s because paraphrasing isn’t as simple as replacing a few words, at least if you want to do it right. Paraphrasing is about restructuring and reformulating a sentence, paragraph, or more, completely retaining the meaning while ensuring that you don’t use any of the same diction or structure. It’s in fact a tough thing to do, if you want to do it properly, but people often don’t have the experience or expertise to do so. Well what better way to learn than by seeing it in action with professional quality summarizing and paraphrasing samples.

Professionally Written Sample Paraphrasing

The Tigers faced an uphill battle to win the division against the Royals, but they managed to pull it off by consistently winning games with clutch hits, solid pitching, and a bullpen that was able to shut down the opposition late in games. Their struggles recently were largely due to an inability to put up runs in important situations, or to shut down the best opposing hitters, and when they managed to solve these problems they instantly took off as a team. After falling behind in the division, they now lead and have a chance to sew it all up against the Royals on the weekend.

It was a huge challenge for the Tigers to take the division over the Royals, but it was accomplished by coming up with important hits when they needed them, good pitching, and a new found strength for their bullpen. Their slew of losses were mostly because they couldn’t come up with the hits that they needed with men on base, and their bullpen was struggling to hold down the heart of the opposing lineup, but they improved in these areas and now they’re looking great. With a series with the Royals upcoming this weekend, they’ve got a chance to lock up the division.

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