Paraphrasing and Summarizing

Paraphrasing and summarizing are two techniques you need to use when writing when you use the ideas of other authors. They are different as you will see when you look at paraphrasing vs summarizing. Summarizing refers to narrowing a text down to the main points and is usually about 30% of the length of the original. Paraphrasing, on the other hand, refers to restating a passage from a text in your own words rather than quoting from it directly. In order to succeed with both of these writingtechniques come to the professionals at

Why you should use paraphrasing and summarizing

In order to avoid plagiarism in your writing you should employ paraphrase and summarize the research. In this way you won’t have a paper that is filled with direct quotes and yet you will be able to present the ideas in an organized fashion that makes sense to the reader. At the same time it shows that you have analyzed your sources to find the best evidence to support your topic. Other reasons for using paraphrasing and summarizing are:

  • To give your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with the ideas of others
  • To make your writing more in-depth
  • To make reference to a source from which you obtained your ideas
  • To present an opposing point of view

How we work with paraphrasing and summarizing

When you have a quote that you want written in your own words, we can help you with paraphrasing. Summarizing a document is another way in which our writers work. You simply send us the quote or quotes and we paraphrase them for you. You only have to provide us with the name and author of the text and our writer will read the document and write a professional summary for you.

There is a special skill involved in paraphrasing and summarizing that takes years of writing to master. Our writers are all experts in this area having published papers and articles of their own.They will be able to help anyone in this way and in any discipline. When you place an order with a skilled writer in your field will be the one to do the work for you.

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