Paraphrasing VS Summarizing: How It Works

Summarize vs. Paraphrase: A Decision

It can be hard to know which of these two methods would be right for you.  When you’re looking for a good way to condense your workload and make your information absorption more efficient, it might not seem like there’s a lot of difference between a paraphrase vs summary.  But there is!  We’ll help you decide between a summary vs paraphrase approach via our simple, 5-step process.

Determine Your Goals

First, we need to know what you’re looking for so that we can best serve you.  Are you a student?  A busy academic?  An overworked business executive?  A stay-at-home mother, looking to learn a trade on the side?  An independent business-owner?  All of these things will control whether paraphrasing vs summarizing will be the best approach for you.

Analyze Your Incoming Information Streams

What sort of information is swamping your life right now?  Is it highly technical, detail-oriented knowledge?  Or is it full of big ideas and large, sweeping generalizations?  Different approaches will serve these types of information with different results.  When it comes to paraphrasing vs summarizing, picking the approach that will best serve your data stream is vital for correct comprehension and retention.

Put Our Analysts To Work!

This is the most exciting part of the process for us!  Here, we get to put our analysts to work breaking your information down into sensible, cohesive pieces that you can then easily pick up.  This is where the decision to summarize vs paraphrase will become so vital!


We always make sure to check in that everything is working out well for you.  That’s how we’ve risen to a position of excellence—constantly checking and refining our own process to serve you.  Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the paraphrasing vs summarizing decision?

Satisfied Customers!

We’re confident that our paraphrasing and summarizing services will fulfill all of your needs!  If you ever have any questions, comments, or are ready to get started, contact us today!