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There’s no better way to figure out how to do something than by seeing an example. Instead of following complex instructions that make a task seem intricate and impossible you can see everything laid out as it is supposed to be, see the principles that guided its construction, and then take what you’ve learned and apply it to your own work. This is true of paraphrasing as well, by seeing a high quality example you can determine how it was done, what the intentions of the author was, and what they did to accomplish it. Each sample of paraphrase featured on our site was written by a professional with the requisite knowledge and experience, and was formulated to be as helpful and high quality for you as possible.

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Original: The current immigration gridlock is largely a result of partisan differences which has led to Washington being more polarized than ever, along mostly with the rest of the people as well. What has evaded a common sense solution is the idea that this is a political issue, when in reality it is a human rights issue and should be treated as such. The leadership of the two parties is mostly to blame, along with the growing power that extreme factions on both side have within their parties.

Paraphrased: Fundamental differences between the parties is what has led to inaction on immigration, and on the divisions not just in Washington but across the country. The way that politics has seeped into this issue is what has tainted it, with both sides viewing it through a partisan lens rather than as a refugee issue. The major figures in each party, along with the fringe extremes which in many ways dictate the discussion, are mostly to blame.

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