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Samples of Summary

Samples of Summary

Summarizing something, whether it be an article, a book, or an event, is a crucial skill, and one that people often have to utilize whether they are professionals or academics. It’s common to have to do, and people do it often enough, but the fact of the matter is that summarizing can be quite difficult, and people often don’t put in the time and energy, nor have the expertise and experience, to truly do a good job and come up with a great summary. It requires you to identify the important parts, know what can be excised, understand the most concise and effective way to summarize, and then execute all of this in a few words or paragraphs. One thing that helps is to see samples or summary or paraphrasing samples to know what to do, and this is what our service is here for!

Professional Samples of Summary Writing

In The Road Cormac McCarthy portrays a shockingly bleak and desolate landscape, one devoid of recognizable humans and human morality, and thus uses this environment, and the actors within it, to portray a vision of the human race as morally bankrupt, but also as possessing the proper hope for moving forward. Hope, “the fire” in the novel, is something that burns on in an inspiring way, and it’s this hope that brings the reader through the horrors that follow, and which binds the characters involved and draws the reader into their world and their relationship.

The darkness of The Road, including many horrors, is alleviated by the underlying theme of hope, that is exemplified by the characters, and that offsets the darkness not only of the landscape and environment, but of the others in the novel.

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