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Summarizing and Paraphrasing Examples

Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Summarizing and paraphrasing are two very common tasks both in academic and professional spheres. Whether you want to utilize the content of someone else or you want to quote or source them, summarizing and paraphrasing can be very useful in getting the most out of your own content and developing the highest quality. However neither of these tasks are simple, and they require more ingenuity and skill than most people think. The fact is there’s no better way to see how to get it done than summarizing and paraphrasing samples. It’s crucial that you find samples from a source you know you can count on, and that’s where our professional service comes in. We’ve got the expertise and the resources to ensure that you get the best summary sample!

Professional Summarizing and Paraphrasing Examples

Original: Foucault’s claim is that the basis of modern justice is not some absolute ideal, as it was in the days of sovereignty and monarchy, but is instead predicated on relative statistical norms of behavior. That there is, instead of this absoluteness, a distinction between normal and deviant behavior, and that this distinction determines the crux of law, nor some internal morality. It is critical, therefore, that justice be restorative rather than vengeful, because the issue lies internally with the perpetrator.

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Paraphrase: Modern justice is not centered on the absolute like it was in times past, but instead based around relative behavior, around relative ideals. That the function of justice is to restore deviancy to normativity, and to protect society from this deviancy, rather than being centered on a moral imperative. The critical aspect is that this justice is then inflicted with an eye for rehabilitation rather than pain, so that the perpetrator can have his/her moral sickness fixed.

Summary: The shift from absoluteness to relativity in punishment has led to a shift in the goal of this punishment, namely from revenge to rehabilitation.

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