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Summary Sample

Summarizing things is a common enough task, but the fact of the matter is that people often don’t do a good enough job in their summaries. Summarizing is actually a quite complex undertaking, something that requires you not only to identify and record the most important points in a passage or document, but also to do so in a way that is much more concise and clear than it was in the original text. The role of a summarizer isn’t just to simplify things, but to communicate things effectively. It’s useful to see a summary sample so that you can understand what kind of principles and mechanisms are in action when you complete a summary, and that’s what our professional service is here to provide for you.

Professional Sample Summaries

Original: The problem that US president Barack Obama faces in Iraq and Syria at the moment is that these ideologies, which in many ways are the progenitors of the conflict in the first place that led the US into these countries, are now even further entrenched, and the only way to rid the region of this extremism is thus to support extremism at the opposite end. So what you have is a collection of incredibly ruthless groups and individuals, with a radical ideology, bent on destroying one another, and along the way likely both countries. This becomes an exponential process, whereby as the infrastructure and government services collapse further and further, you get more and more chaos, violence, and anarchy, and more collapse.

Summary: The sectarian violence that birthed the conflict now sustains it, and the issue that the US faces is that to combat extremist violence, the only available means is opposing extremist violence. Thus as this extremism becomes more and more destructive, the problem exacerbates.

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Using  examples of paraphrasing and summarizing or any a summary sample is a great way to see how to get the job done and which tools to use to do so. Our professional service is also here to help however we can, providing tips, paraphrasing samples and guidance also from professionals. Use our service and let us provide you with the information, resources, and help that you need to be successful.