22 Nov

Top 5 the Best Examples of Paraphrasing

Example of Paraphrase

The tricky thing about paraphrasing or using plagiarism detector online most of the time is that the best and most concise way to say something is most often the way that it’s said the first time, and thus even if you have a clear idea of what the author is saying, and even if you are a skilled writer, it can be tough to recreate this content in a way that is direct and meaningful without using any of the same words.

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Professional Examples of Paraphrasing

Original: 4k television is something that is fast on the rise, and it’s not hard to see why. With double the pixels of what is currently called HD, it’s a formidable format, one that allows you to get an unprecedented look at something. However there are serious drawbacks. For one, the quality is so good that past a certain, relatively short distance, it cannot tell the difference between HD and 4k. However this is remedied by increasing the size of the TV, which while prohibitively expensive for most now, in the future will be much more affordable and accessible.

Paraphrase: The ascendance of 4k television is unsurprising considering how much higher quality it is than normal HD, double the pixels. Still, the problem is that this amount of pixels cannot be seen by the human eye after a certain distance, which means that one has to increase the size of the TV’s. This is problematic with how expensive they are now, but will likely grow in popularity in the future.

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